Articulating thoughts for the consumption of another is what we do all the time as a teacher. We know that one of the best ways to learn something is to teach it, but the act of doing so also sharpens our understanding of it as well (hopefully).

I’ve taught in schools now for long enough to know a thing or two about it (15 years), but not so long that I’m not still actively seeking to improve my practice. I also indulged in a curious smattering of vocations before coming into teaching, and I do find that these adventures keep coming back to give me a distinctive perspective when viewing educational matters.

I love building conceptual models; particularly when trying to harmonise seemingly disparate, yet rational ideas. I think that it is very, very rare that issues are simply black and white, and yet I also think that it is very, very rare that they are an equal hue of grey. To any position there is always context, and there are always implications.

You won’t find from me the following 3 kinds of posts:
– The “What a week it’s been!” kind
– The “Here’s a little tip I’ve picked-up…” kind
– The “Those wretched politicians…” kind

Hopefully what you WILL find are posts which aim to move an idea forward, giving a considered opinion on a new position we now might adopt, and yet gladly seeking to have my own position altered by a new insight or correction to some part of my reasoning.

I generally won’t bandy around labels. Am I a Traditionalist? Am I a Progressive? Unhelpfully, I think I’m both. Feel free to decide if it matters that much to you.

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